"A Welcomed Resource!"

"We engaged John to help us make sure we had the right people at the right time doing the right things. We did not go into our project wanting to necessarily reduce our investment in labor. As it turned out, we did reduce our investment and certainly became more efficient. John has been very helpful in leading our organization to embrace our activity based labor management modeling, and we continue to refine the work as time goes by. John has been welcome by all in our organization, and he has been very easy for us to work with."

Tom Heinen, President, Heinen’s Fine Foods

"Couldn't Be Happier!"

"We finally have complete control over not only our day-to-day labor management functions with outstanding results, but we also have an extremely effective budgeting and forecasting tool that is helping us drive labor where we need it for the future. We could not be happier with the results – well worth the investment. I would recommend John’s analysis and services for everyone wanting to maximize their productivity opportunities and reduce retail labor dollars significantly."

Mike Mesich, Senior VP of Store Operations Skogen’s Festival Foods

"Exceeded Expectations!"

"When we started I thought they would be hard pressed to get .50 points off our labor, and I am so glad they proved me wrong! Not only did we get over a 1.00% improvement to our bottom line, but we also improved productivity by almost 30%; and we improved our front end customer service! THAT was very important to us! I highly recommend these guys to every independent grocer."

Gary Pfeil, President Roche Bros. Supermarkets

"Improved Efficiency While Reducing Costs!"

"We embraced activity-based labor scheduling nearly 10 years ago. Our previous tradition based sales per man-hour approach was flawed. It constrained our store teams from understanding labor requirements and scheduling effectively. Our objective was not to reduce labor, but to leverage it more appropriately. John helped us quantify our needs and build a system that has helped us in three important ways:
  • We have improved our service levels, raising our customer loyalty scores by over 10%
  • We improved our efficiency, reducing our annual labor costs
  • Most importantly, we have created ownership and buy in at store level through the credible quantification of activities"

Chris Foltz, Director of Operations, Heinen’s Fine Foods