Our Solution

We provide the most cost effective methods to maximize your productivity and reduce your labor costs while improving your standards of operation.

Independent retailers report 10-15% higher labor costs than big chain competition.

Step 1: We identify your unique productivity opportunities in each store

  • We assess and analyze your current labor management tools and processes to discover your unique labor efficiency and retail payroll savings opportunities.

  • We calculate the productivity payroll percent opportunities by department and quantify those opportunities as a percent of total store sales

  • Create an implementation roadmap and define the cost/benefit scenario

Case Study #23 - Stock Crew Model
ActivitySales Per Hour MethodVol/Fix Method
Grocery Stocking128 hrs.96 hrs.
Facing Aisles56 hrs.35 hrs.
Ordering10 hrs.6 hrs.
Other20 hrs. 16 hrs.
TOTAL214 hrs.153 hrs.


-61 hrs.

Result: Used 61 less hours saving over $700 per week in just the grocery deptartment!

Step 2: We develop fixed and item-based volume activities around the unique needs of each department in every store.

  • Fixed activities are those tasks that need to happen regularly regardless of business volume related to cleaning, department presentation (facing, culling, organizing the case, etc) and administrative tasks.

  • Volume activities are those tasks that are dependent on sales volume related to stocking, receiving, production and customer service.

Step 3: Implementation

  • We do all the heavy lifting, no significant drain on your resources

  • We train store managers and company leaders how to manage the process effectively.

  • Our team is available 24/7 to assure your success.

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